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Software Developer at RL Solutions May - Aug 2015

  • Implemented new features and a complete UI redesign the RL6:Mobile iOS application using the Xamarin and the MonoTouch frameworks
  • Architected an improved user flow within the application that raised incident management efficiency by over 60%
  • Conducted research and produced technical documentation on the possible integration of push notifications with RL6:Mobile

Software Developer at University Health Network Sept - Dec 2014

  • Developed web applications for use in UHN hospitals using Clojure, ClojureScript and Reagent to create single-page CRUD applications
  • Rewrote existing applications using current best practices and improved the UI for enhanced performance and user experience
  • Implemented business logic for the iOS Bariatric Application using JavaScript



A static site generator with extensive features and customizability. Users have the option of using Markdown or Asciidoc for their content and are given free reign over their layouts using HTML and CSS. Written in Clojure.


Built for the Hacking Health Design challenge, Closure is a web application that allows clinicians to track the status of their patients’ tests and external appointments. The patient is able to see the status of their tests by visiting the public-facing portion of the application and the system allows clinicians to send email updates to their patients when results are received. Written in Clojure and ClojureScript (Reagent).

Live Markdown Editor

A simple Markdown editor created with Reagent


A little experiment with Quil. Recreated Conway's Game of Life.


I'm an aspiring software developer at the University of Toronto completing a specialist degree in Computer Science. I love solving problems and I'm passionate about open source software. I believe in its importance because it helps us learn and build better software through collaboration.

Currently, I'm interested in developing web applications but I'm also dabbling in machine learning - namely neural networks.


University of Toronto

HBSc in Computer Science, 2013 - present

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