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Software Developer at the University Health Network Sept 2016 - present

Working on the Medical Informatics team to develop applications for use by clinicians using Clojure, ClojureScript, and Reagent with re-frame.

Software Developer at CircleCI May - Aug 2016

CircleCI is a Continuous Integration and Delivery platform used by developers around the world. As someone who spent time on both the Platform and Product Engineering teams, I've worked on code throughout the product which is written mainly in Clojure and ClojureScript. Development was fast paced and we continuously shipped new features and bug fixes. The most prominent features that I worked on were the Autocancel and PR-only builds features.

Mobile Developer at RL Solutions May - Aug 2015

I worked on a team of just two developers dedicated to developing the RL6:Mobile iOS applications. My work included but was not limited to implementing several new features as well as a complete UI redesign using the Xamarin framework. I also worked closely with the product and design teams to create an improved user flow.

Software Developer at the University Health Network Sept - Dec 2014

Worked with a small team of developers focused on creating and maintaining custom solutions for clinics within the University Health Network organization. Technologies used were Clojure, ClojureScript and Reagent with some occasional JavaScript. My work included developing an administrative tool as well as business logic for Toronto Western Hospital's iOS Bariatric Application.



A static site generator with extensive features and customizability. Users have the option of using Markdown or Asciidoc for their content and are given free reign over their layouts using HTML and CSS. Written in Clojure.


Built for the Hacking Health Design challenge, Closure is a web application that allows clinicians to track the status of their patients’ tests and external appointments. The patient is able to see the status of their tests by visiting the public-facing portion of the application and the system allows clinicians to send email updates to their patients when results are received. Written in Clojure and ClojureScript (Reagent).

Live Markdown Editor

A simple Markdown editor created with Reagent.


A little experiment with Quil. Recreated Conway's Game of Life.


I'm a Software Developer currently working at the University Health Network with the Medical Informatics team. I am also a student at the University of Toronto finishing off my degree in Computer Science.

I enjoy working in both small, tight-knit teams and independently. My skills lie in full stack development using Clojure and ClojureScript and I prefer lightweight processes with REPL driven development for quick feedback cycles. I've used a variety of tools and libraries such as HugSQL, Mount, Ring/Compojure, Reagent and re-frame as a stack; Leiningen with Figwheel for managing the build lifecycle; CircleCI and Jenkins for CI/CD; Git and Subversion for version control.

I love interesting problems and I'm passionate about open source software. I believe in its importance because it helps us learn and build better software through collaboration.


University of Toronto

HBSc in Computer Science, 2013 - present

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