Bet22 is a great place to put the knowledge of betting odds into practice. From learning how to make good betting decisions to knowing the factors that can change the outcome of a betting odd. 

How to use Betting Odds to Inform Betting Decisions

It is almost impossible to succeed as a bettor without using betting odds. Betting odds show the likelihood of a team winning or losing. To understand how to use betting odds, bettors must have a sportsbook of their choice. Sportsbooks use algorithms, research, charts and past performance of teams to set a betting odd. 

Betting odds are weighed using high odds or low odds. Low odds mean a team is likely to win, while high odds mean a team is likely to lose. Betting on a low-odds game as the name implies means the payout will be low and betting on high odds means the payout will be high. 

For instance, if Manchester and Chelsea are playing a match, and Chelsea has high odds. If Chelsea wins, the payout will be higher. 

Using betting odds as a first-time bettor or experienced one reduces the chance of losing money and makes it less of a risk.

How Changes in Odds Can Reflect Changes in Betting Sentiment

Betting Sentiment

The first thing to know as a bettor is that betting odds change.  After accepting this fact, the next step to take becomes clearer. Here is a list of things to do when the odds change:

Don’t panic: making decisions from a place of fear never works. It is best to wait and see how the events pan out before going forward with a bet. 

Hedge your bet: If staying calm doesn’t work and the bet has already been placed. A counterattack to the problem might be placing another bet in favour of the new odds. 

The good news in all this is a change in betting odds can affect a change in betting sentiments by making bettors place bets in favour of the initial opposing team causing the odds to shift in their favour.

Factors that Can Affect Betting Odds

Factors that Can Affect Betting Odds

Several factors can affect betting odds which have been outlined below:

Weather: Severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, high winds, or excessive heat, can make playing conditions challenging and have an impact on player or team performance.

Injury: If a player is injured during gameplay, especially if he is the best on the team, bettors are most likely to bet against the team.

Trendy News: new information which can change the possibility of a team winning can change the betting odds. This is because it changes the sentiment of bettors.


To make it a professional bettor, choose a good sportsbook and understand how betting odds work.