It can happen that the wheel is out of balance, casinos check their wheels regularly, but the probability will always exist. This can mean that the wheel leans to one side and thereby favors one half of the numbers over the other half. To find this out, one has to note the outcome of the wheel thousands of times to notice this.

In some casinos there are electronic displays that show you the last 18 numbers, some even show statistics and percentages for what the probability is of red/black or even/odd, this is of course beneficial so that you are free to guess.

Once you have observed the wheel carefully and seen how it works, you can start to find the roulette system that suits you and try it out.

Earn money on roulette

Earn money on roulette

Most people play roulette to win money, it is a game where you can both lose and win money. There is not yet a specific roulette system that is proven to result in profits every time. The best way to bet your money is if you have read and know different gambling systems, also choose the one that works. If there was a roulette system that worked 100%, everyone would use it and the casinos around would go bankrupt because only bets were paid out.

The Martingale system is the system that has proven to be the one that has worked best for many people, even though it is a long process for a profit to come in the end. Of course, this also requires that you have a certain amount of money to play with, as you must constantly double what you bet. It can also happen that the table’s maximum rate is too low, and therefore can result in you not being able to bet the necessary money to win back the money you have played for.

Others will prefer to play on inside and outside bets and play with one of these many roulette systems where you play on patterns or same numbers.

Whether you choose one or the other, it is still important that you pay attention to the wheel and which numbers appear at regular intervals. We recommend that you keep an eye on how many blacks and reds come in a row, as well as odd and even. It may be impossible to predict what the next number will be, but based on your close observation, it may give you a greater chance of winning.

As such, it is also not uncommon for 17 blacks to come in a row, or reds for that matter, which can end up costing you a large sum of money.

You can make quick money by choosing a game with the even money method, there is a 50% chance of winning money, which is also described further up. It is like flat or crown, if you know this technique and know that it is almost 50/50 percent winning chance, then will come to help you while playing a roulette system. It’s a fun and easy way to make money at roulette.

You have the option to flush and have chips placed on inside bets, or you can choose to stick to the table’s generic casino chips and place as many outside bets as you want. It is important that you understand the game and all its betting options and what they give back before you put money on the table.

One of the reasons people flock around a roulette table is not always to play, but to watch. They have to get used to the rhythm of the table to see when to bet their money. For you, it would definitely be the right decision to follow suit and do the same, get into a rhythm, read the game, also remember to keep track of how many times zero comes up. Observe colors and even/odd numbers, find your roulette system and then you can start betting your money.

It’s not called gambling for no reason, here you can make quick money, but you can just as easily lose it again. There is no shortcut to how to win and there will always be some risk.

We make DKK 300 per hour, but there is no guarantee of winning money.

It varies slightly with which game provider we use the roulette system. Both 888Casino and are reasonable bets, at good casinos that also offer perfectly reasonable bonuses. Their slot machines work perfectly and everything is as it should be.

This is how you earn DKK 500 in one hour

  • Register at an online casino, here we recommend or 888casino.
  • Deposit money into your gaming account, preferably DKK 200 or more.
  • Play roulette (Here you should always choose European roulette)
  • Start out by playing a relatively low amount of DKK 5-10. You should always start this amount by playing after each session is over.
  • Place your bet on either red or black.
  • If you win, you have to start over and place your starting amount on the same suit. If you lose, you simply double your staked amount.
  • When you win, you place the starting amount on the desired color.

That is why you lose money on the roulette system

lose money

Patience is the root of all good things, also when you play roulette, it’s also important to show discipline when you play. When you have won a good handful of money and this roulette system is starting to bore you, don’t increase your bets to make it more exciting. Always play with amounts of DKK 5 to DKK 10 so that you don’t get overconfident and lose all your money. If you feel yourself getting bored, close the game and do something else.

If the roulette system is to function properly, it is important that you find an online Danish casino that has a low stake amount. We have played on many different websites and has worked best for us.