When you play roulette, there are two different roulette systems, inside bets which we explained a little about before and outside bets. In every casino there is a minimum and a maximum for how much you can bet and of course there is also a minimum and a maximum for how much you can win. Maybe you are sitting and thinking:

“Can’t I just make an outside bet along with my inside bet?”

So many casinos will not allow you to do this. You will therefore have to split your bet. As we explained before, inside bets are a single number and they are of course between 0 and 36, but you can make different strategies and combinations with up to 6 numbers, otherwise you can also choose to bet on one or two numbers. You have to bet DKK 5 in most places. It can be more and can be spread between several numbers or just a single number.

When we talk about outside bets, it is typically smaller winnings because there is a greater chance of winning. Outside bets are the numbers that lie around the individual numbers, such as even and odd (Pair ou Impair), black and red (Rouge ou Noir), 1 to 18 (Manque), 19 to 36 (Passe) and finally there is the Dozen bets which are the first 12 numbers, the middle 12 numbers and the last 12 numbers. Most outside bets only give 1:1 (once again) or 2:1 (twice again) because there is a greater chance of winning.

So if you choose to play on one that gives 2:1 like Dozen bets, and you bet DKK 5, you will win DKK 10, but you will also get the DKK 5 you played for back, so you win a total of DKK 15 .

When playing there is an option to play on inside and outside bets. You cannot bet on both at the same time, but you can also split it so that you play outside bets and win on this so you take your total pool and bet it on an inside bet next round.

The Martingale system

With this roulette system, the Martingale system is based on an age-old game strategy that was extremely popular in the 19th century in France, which functions as an “even money” game. There are several systems that support this roulette system, we have chosen the one we think is the simplest and it is designed so that you always win back what you have lost.

The Martingale system is based on the simple game of heads or tails. If you bet DKK 5 and you lose, you bet DKK 10 next time, if you then lose again, you double the amount and bet DKK 20. In this way, you are sure to get back what you have lost as well as profit.

When you win, you start over with DKK 5, DKK 10, etc. until you win again. That way, you never lose anything with this smart Martingale system.

This roulette system will work to a certain extent as the odds will at some point turn in your favor. If you play on black and it turns red 4 times in a row, it would only be logical that it will soon land on black.

There are of course some complications with the Martingale system. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the Martingale system before you start playing. It may be that you have chosen to play on black throughout, so you are against red, but many also forget that there is another color on the table, namely green, it goes in and covers zero (0) or double zero (00 ).

It can easily be done to make quick money, but since the zero exists this will interfere and prevent the Martingale system from being the most effective method of making money.

If we come up with an example, you choose to bet on black and it turns red 10 times in a row, since you double every time you lose, you would end up with DKK 5,000 if you still hope for black and it goes and hits 0/00, i.e. green, it will mean that you are DKK 5,000 behind. This is where the complication appears and the roulette system is thereby flawed.

Even if you bet on an “even money bet” it is not always in favor of the house, and remember here there is still a table limit. Most table limits are DKK 500, unless you are proven to go and play on one of the higher roulette tables. When the table limit is DKK 500, you can double up to six times if your initial bet is DKK 5. If the wheel goes in and works against you over a longer period, you will not have the opportunity to cover your bet.

Even money

Even money

Brief explanation of the words “even money”:

It’s called even money bets, but is just called even money. This means even money because they give the winnings again with odds of 2.00. You can place an even money bet by betting on even or odd or on the red or black option.

Most people like the game of roulette, as there are several “even money bets” that you can bet on. There is not so much guesswork and that makes it easier and more manageable. When you play, it’s either or, and there isn’t much to fuss about. The only advantage the house has is the presence of zero, or double zero. As I said, zero is green, so it will not be covered by either red or black. It is not that often that zero appears, but it will still come regularly, it is therefore important that you are aware that zero is present and its ability can have time to lose all your bets you have on the table.

For many people it comes down to either betting on even or odd or the red or black option. Once you’ve decided what you want to bet on, it’s a bad idea to switch back and forth. You can also choose to make a combination by betting on odd and black or vice versa, it is free to choose your combinations. Here you can win on both, lose on both or win on one and lose on one.

Winning streaks

Winning streaks are used in many different roulette systems. These systems include the Paroli system, which is an easy roulette strategy. It works by betting a modest amount and you then have to double it every time you win, in contrast to the Martingale system where your bet is doubled every time you lose. You can then start over with your bet when you have won 4-5 times. Here is a small example of how the Paroli system works:

You can start by betting DKK 10 on even/odd or black/red, then the roulette is spun and if the ball lands on an odd number that you have bet on, you have won. According to this roulette system, the value of your bet is doubled when you win. When the roulette is spun again, your bet must therefore be DKK 20. If you are on a winning streak and you win again, your bet must be doubled to DKK 40. The idea behind this strategy is to double your bet every time you win.

In addition to Paroli, the Shotwell system is also used, the point of this system is that you play on different numbers on the roulette which are equally distributed over the whole, this should give an increased chance of winning, regardless of where the ball lands.

The Shotwell system works as follows:

Shotwell system

If you choose one of six number combinations and combine them with four “even” numbers you will have 10 numbers covered with five units. For example, you bet on a unit that covers 1-6 as well as the individual numbers 8, 10, 20 and 26. There are 3 pockets between the winning numbers you have chosen, this significantly increases your chances of winning.

With these two roulette systems you double your bet every time you win, when you win you can take your winnings and bet them all again or you can choose to take half and make the game a little smaller than the last, but of course bigger than your original rate. If you lose again, you must go back to the original amount you started betting on.

If you look at the roulette wheel while you play, you can gradually start to keep track of what is going on and what kind of numbers appear, you can pay close attention to the same number appearing twice in a row, the is exactly why people make inside bets, and will therefore often leave their chips on this number that has just come up.

The chance that this very number will come up within the next rounds is very high. This is why it is extremely important to keep an eye on the wheel.

A dealer can release the ball at a certain angle and speed each time, which causes the ball to land a few spaces from the previous number each time. This can signal to bet on certain numbers in a certain area that appear frequently.